Incidents by teens in the summer

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Fatality Facts

A total of 2,820 teenagers ages 13-19 died in locomote transport crashes in 2016. This is 68 proportion a few than in 1975 and 3 percent more than than in 2015. About 2 of every 3 teenagers killed in crashes in 2016 were males.

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3 Reasons Car Accidents Happen More in the Summer | Mount Vernon Car Accident Lawyer

In fact, researchers somebody found that, during the summer, teen drivers broadly speaking spend just about 44 percent much time during the week travelling than during the school year. This means that more inexperienced drivers are on the way , increasing the danger of collisions (particularly considering that teens are the drivers who are nigh equiprobable to cause brainsick driving accidents). As the somesthesia outside climbs, it can effect the instrumentality on a vehicle, particularly the tires.

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Summer is a marvellous clip for outside activities with family and friends. For more people, a day at the beach, on the boat, or at a backyard barbeque will let in drinking alcohol-dependent beverages. But extravagant consumption and time of year activities don’t mix.

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