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15 Actresses WAY Too Young For Their Scenes | ScreenRant

Hollywood has a agelong past of putting young actresses in scenes that are autumnal or "beyond their years." Sometimes these scenes are sexual in nature, sometimes violent, and, on a few occasions, a little of both. It happens with boys, too, but much less frequently. What's troubling around this phenomenon is that there are comparatively few acceptable roles for actresses in general, much inferior for those subordinate eighteen.

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'Porn is always just there in your face': Teen boys tell all in survey on pornography - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A new project has delved into the minds of teen boys to get wind fair what they think around creation — and the results will soon be turned into a stage play. Hundreds of austronesian boys age bracket 12-18 complete anonymous interviews and surveys that besmeared everything from how a great deal pornography they viewed, to what they think of it, and what questions it sparked."It's ever honourable there in your face," one boy said. The results of the survey showed while near boys had seen pornography, many were able to understand the divergence between those depictions and existent life."It's like cartoons with y'know pianos falling on people, or action movies with car crashes and explosions," one boy said.

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