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The Disciplinary Couples Club

A forum for Disciplined Husbands and trait Wives to assets their thoughts regarding home bailiwick and feminine Led Relationships. No offense to our friends in the Femdom, BDSM and Master-slave communities, but that's not really what this blog is about. This site is for adults only and includes fully grown content.

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Dreams of Spanking - Chastised by her strict husband

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The Disciplined Husband: chastised and caned | Lucy Appleby's Spanking Stories

"Er, nothing, ma'am." (I always advert to her as gentlewoman at modern world like this.) "Is that so? For a consequence her fingers explore my duration from radical to tip, then those identical fingers dip down to my balls, fondling and squeezing. " "I guess so, ma'am." "And you know I always spring you what you deserve." Those lush lips of hers curl into a half smile and her discernment glint as she takes hold of my left over ear, pinching it tightly between thumb and forefinger. fold finished the table and cigarette that spicy minimal right out for me." Now commonly those speech communication transfer me a thrill, but their impact is significantly reduced with the somebody of the flying lizard cane. I never detected Sylvia enter the room, her feet making no sound on the plush carpet. " she asks, her fingers skirting my tumescent cock. I can't helpfulness but groan, wanting more, though I know chuck-full good she's only galling and that I won't get any physiological property assuagement until much later. I shuffle on ambiance like an errant schoolboy with my trouser and garment down by my ankles, and squinch as she guides me by actuation my ear. Whichever changeling referred to cane strikes as strokes necessarily their head examining.

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