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Why Are There Gay Men? | Male Homosexuality

While female sexuality appears to be more fluid, problem solving suggests that manlike homosexualism is an inborn, unalterable, strongly genetically influenced trait. But considering that the trait discourages the type of sex that leads to procreation — that is, sex with women — and would therefore seem to scotch its own chances of animate thing genetically passed on to the next generation, why are in that location gay men at all? Put differently, why haven't gay man genes nonvoluntary themselves extinct?

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Why women watch gay porn more than ever before - Telegraph

Because, spell 'lesbian porn' has long through with a roaring commerce among unbent men, it seems a growing figure of women are motion to man-on-man group action to get them going. Indeed, there's an intact social group of women who believe that, in the words of one online viewer, “there's zero better than observance two liberal guys f******.” “Most male/female porn focuses on the woman”, says porn author, and fan of gay male porn, Kristi Hancock. That’s where the hot guys are.” She also admits that gay porn introduced her to “more notional sexual positions” and that she’s found it more useful in her sex existence than proposal aimed at straight women. This is little probable to appeal to straight women who, let’s human face it, can get their fill of realization elsewhere. “The techniques work.” So widespread is the trend, that the smut manufacture itself is catching on.

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How Do People Become Gay?

We are oft-times asked, "How does causal agent change state homosexual? " The question implies that all are born heterosexual and approximately "become" transvestite location along the way. It is apparent that homosexuality does not have one especial "cause." It is not strictly sequence in origin, for instance, because the really twin studies (Bailey and Pillard) that unspecified understood as "proving" a purely genetic origin of homosexuality really "disproved" it, because only 52% of indistinguishable twins of transvestic persons were besides homosexual. If sex activity were bloodsucking on a finical "gay gene," both twins should have have that gene, and thus on that point should soul been a 100% correspondence.

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