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So Is Raz B Telling The Truth About The Molestation? Marques Houston Answers | MadameNoire

Earlier this week, news active Raz B’s tell-all with some very salacious transvestite and harassment accusations about the members of B2K, their former handler Chris Stokes, Bow Wow, Immature, and a army of other men in the entertainment commercial enterprise hit the web. Eddie stalk went on drugs and he was the simply one that equitable fell and he tried to move back and I think his hale thing was trying to get the set together and that wasn’t effort to happen. This wasn’t the first time Raz B started calling everybody gay or dredging up extra details close to their possible sexually offensive pasts, but over the age Chris Brown has been the only one to flip out at dude, which was a bittie curious in itself. He wants that faculty because B2K was vast and everybody knows how big B2K was and when something like that is empty from you, and you can’t get any fame you go to the degree measures and the sheik is psycho. For one, I don’t steady expect Raz has ever met Chris Brown. I see Omarion and Chris Brown are in truth cool but point in time he starts mentioning Bow Wow. Is he decease to quotation that God did thing to him next? So he felt similar perchance if I get work this way…. How reacted to the sexual assault claims It was a big gag to me. Whether Raz B is on drugs Yeah What would happen if the two were in the very room unitedly Honestly, if we were in the same room together, he is so crazy he would believably try to say whats up to me, equal ‘whats up man? He was nerve-wracking to pluck Chris [Stokes] for money, he asked for money a 2 of clip because they are cousins.

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Old Rumors Proven True: B2k, IMX, Marques Houston - Molested | IllMuzik - The Ultimate Beat Making Community

(No Subject) get been effort PM's as to what I cognise about Marques Houston and Chris Stokes and TUG. I was on some other board and Chris and Marques lesbian relationship came up. And here is my response to those jingoistic fans who do not believe............................ Hell, I was there when Taz socked the s#^& out of Kelton (from immature) fitting because he didn't hear the command she was giving him and he was 12 at the time. Being around TUG was like being in Sodom and Gommorah. I bring up Chris threatening to ruin your advance if you didn't do what he wanted.

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B2K Ex-Manager And Group Member Omarion Speak Out On Allegations - MTV

Former B2K trainer Chris Stokes is vehemently denying claims of physiological property harassment that look in a late online video made by sort out external body part Raz-B and his older brother, who now manages the remaining members of B2K. "I deprivation to be on the phonograph record as speech communication that 'Raz-B' designer and economic expert Thornton are lying regarding Chris Stokes," Omarion said. Stokes, who released a statement tues denying the allegations ready-made by Raz-B, perennial his claims when he rundle solely with MTV News on wed (December 26). "Chris is a father figure to myself and galore others in the industry. Among the allegations successful by Raz-B (born De Mario Thornton) and his older brother, economic expert "Ricky Romantic" Thornton, in the widely circulated clip are that Stokes touched Raz-B when he was a kid and forced him to shower with the other members of the group. He's guided us, helped raised us and is nothing sir thomas more than an thought and someone I respect and appearance up to.

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