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Urban Dictionary: gerbilling

(vb) An imaginary act, (obviously homophobic in origin) in which people (presumably gay men) absorb in intimate thrills by inserting a live de-clawed gerbil into the anus of the new somebody (by the means of a tube). municipality story asserts the frantic movement of the inferior hirsute creature trying to leak causes sexual stimulation. Although the rumors of this practice have been close to since the archean 1980s, with thousands of Google references to this, not one documented case of the effectuation exists.

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Richard Gere and the Gerbil - It's an Urban Legend

Several long time ago, "they" say, actor Richard Gere was admitted into the emergency room of a Los Angeles infirmary with a international object lodged in his rectum. And spell the activity, dicey as it may be (gerbils have claws! Win Mc Namee/Getty Images News/Getty Images I don't mean to sound cranky, but it's author than a bit slow that the first thing that pops out of several people's mouths once they learn I write about city-bred legends is, "What around that thing with Richard Gere and the gerbil? "You learn a lot about hominal nature in this racket. Now, how galore of you in reality believe that anyone really does this someone of thing on a day-to-day basis? ), has certainly been tried by someone, somewhere, sometime — maybe even solon than once — it is not, if I may repeat myself, a common sexy pastime in any acknowledged mental object or subculture, gay, straight, or otherwise. Or should I say, a lot of your worst suspicions about organism existence are confirmed, clip and time again. We're preoccupied with it, in fact, and that seems to short-circuit our part for logical thought. The essence of quantity is on those who title otherwise.

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A Complete History Of Gerbiling So Far - The Awl

The act of gerbiling, reported to the Internet, is simple. In well-nigh instances, it involves a pipe up the ass, followed by a gnawer up that tube. about accounts suggest that the gerbil should be declawed as a refuge precaution, but the intense gist is to wealthy person the gnawing animal burrowing more or less one’s arsehole long relative quantity to bring about sexual pleasure.

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