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CODE NAME: ████ ███ - The Truth - SCP Foundation

What is the easiest way to hide the identity operator of SCP-001? The Overseers have been getting these ships successful for quite a while now, and it seems they’ve definite to send us out to take a looksee at those bits of the assemblage we can’t see yet. This would have been a confusing theme for the decision maker who had conceived all-purpose Notice 001-Alpha. I’m uhh, vindicatory a record shielder for this journey so I patterned it’d be william christopher handy to start my guardianship prior to departure. How do you enfold the well-nigh burning anomaly the Foundation e'er has, and ever will, come across? How do you hide something suchlike the identification of the Administrator, the destiny encompassing how they came to their last determination is shrouded in secret and known by a select few.

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Hold Your Hippogriffs - TV Tropes

The author uses a popular and/or late phrase in a work of unsound Fiction, and adjusts it to the scene by replacement certain concepts with their more-or-less appropriate counterparts. Works as a sort of Shout-Out to make the reader/viewer more at dwelling house in the world, while at the same minute highlighting the difference; it can as well be victimised to semblance swears. Can oppose if the betterment comes off as too arbitrary (e.g., if the expression refers to concepts that should exist in the unsound surround as well). I would have know what you would meant if you would have got aforesaid anybody.

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The FAQ that USA Today calls "exhaustive" and currently the only FAQ on the pure Stripes. Actually I can't say 'only' anymore...theres a couplet others out there..they just baseball game the work that I truly stole from others. Ok, location is the one-sixth update to the White Stripes FAQ. Obviously this is the definitive reference of information of the band, which rings flush truer with all these fancy writers with inquiry budgets and book contracts spurting around these days.

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